Pepa In Bloom: Our take on Belgravia in Bloom 2019

Pepa In Bloom: Our take on Belgravia in Bloom 2019

Our flapship store opened in October 2018 and we haven’t looked back! It’s wonderful to have a real-life store to decorate as we please, and of course to meet our lovely customers face-to-face!

Based along the beautiful Elizabeth Road in Belgravia London UK, we have jumped headfirst into the area’s activities and just after 7 months settling into our new home, we have wholeheartedly joined our neighbours for our first Belgravia In Bloom! We’re so excited after seeing so many delicious floral displays from the Frida Kahlo theme in 2018, it was a no brainer to get involved ourselves. And here is the result!

Belgravia in Bloom Pepa & Co. Shop Front Red Phonebox

We have had a lot of interest online and in-person, especially around this time of year with the Chelsea Flower Show also around the corner, so here we are to answer the hotly anticipated questions, and to give you further information on how to get involved with Belgravia In Bloom 2019!

What was the inspiration?

We opted for bright yellows and white for our Belgravia In Bloom display. Not only did we feel this stands out against the pink floral displays and the architecture around the area, we wanted to get the Little Pepas super excited for summer! And what better way than bright yellows and whites.

We also wanted to incorporate the south of Spain where Pepa grew up with a beautiful holiday feel. Traditional Spanish clothing mixed with the quintessential British lifestyle is such an inspiration for Pepa & Co. and we wanted our display to incorporate both of these factors. That is also why we've include the wooden bench to give a countryside and beachy feel.

Are they real?

No, they aren’t real! Sadly if we went for real blooms, we wouldn’t have been able to keep them up for anywhere near as long as we’ve been able to with synthetic flowers.

Belgravia in Bloom Pepa & Co. Shop Front White and Yellow Flowers Display

Can they stay up forever please?!

Sadly not – once they’re gone, they’re gone! We'll be keeping the display through summer so you have until the end of August for your Insta-friendly photographs.

Can we take photos?

Of course you can! They are there to be enjoyed by anyone and everyone, children and big children alike. We have placed a bench at the front for Little Pepas too. The yellows and white display looks wonderful in the sunshine.

Belgravia in Bloom Pepa & Co. Shop Front Sky Yeloow and White Flowers

Belgravia In Bloom 2019

The theme for this year’s Belgravia In Bloom is ‘The language of Flowers’ but what does this mean?

During the Victorian era, secret messages were sent through flowers, bouquets and potted plants offering secret communication. Each flower holds a message. For example, lilacs represent love and chrysanthemums symbolise honesty. More details on the different meanings of the flowers are available in the walking guide which is online and a paper guide will be obtainable through the businesses around Belgravia.

You can easily wander the streets of Belgravia and take in the beautiful displays – with Elizabeth Street being one of the main roads - but there is so much more on offer. The walking guide includes everything you need to know. There is a map with the four main areas (Elizabeth Street, Pimlico Road, Motcomb Street, and Eccleston Yards) to explore, which includes retail like ourselves but also restaurants and cafes, installations, workshops, and temporary gardens.

This year includes a wonderful walking guide courtesy of You can vote for your favourite floral display and follow all the blooms at @Belgravia_LDN on Instagram.

Belgravia in Bloom Pepa & Co. Shop Front White Flowers Bench

So when is Belgravia In Bloom?

Many shops and locals have begun displaying their flowers, including ourselves (we just couldn’t help it!). Officially, Belgravia In Bloom runs from 20th May to 25th May.

The Mood Gardens

There are four mood gardens to explore during the week’s festivities; The Serenity Garden, The Tunnel of Resilience, The Canopy of Friendship, and The Spiral of Good Luck.

You can view these in the Halkin Arcade near Motcomb Street. These are designed to be immersive floral displays with a full sensory experience.

The Botanic Identity Station

Across the corner from us (quite literally 2 minutes away from our store!) is Eccleston Yards which will host The Botanic Identity Station with workshops and activities across the whole week. There are drop-in activities such as flower arranging which we’ll definitely be heading to and stunning floral arrangements suspended from the centre of a pergola.

You can pop into the scent station and find out more about the secret floral messages from the Victorian Era.

There are activities that require prebooking via Eventbrite. This includes floral cocktail making, perfuming profiling with Jo loves right next door to us, and floral bath bomb making. Gasp, so many choices…

Belgravia In Bloom Pop-up Installations

The pop-up installations are not to be missed. They are located in Eaton Square and there will also be on the corner of Ebury Street and Elizabeth Street outside Peggy Porschen.

More about Belgravia In Bloom

Last year, estimated around 3,000 visits to Belgravia in Bloom and the mini festival is getting bigger year by year. Every year has a delightful theme. The wonder of London is the ability to stroll around the city without knowing what’s around the next corner. Free museums, events, and culture are the norm! So don’t miss out on this wonderful colourful festival, and don’t forget to pop in and say “hi” too!

Belgravia in Bloom Pepa & Co. Shop Front Close Up

We love seeing the photos so don’t forget to tag us. You never know, you might be featured on our social media! On Instagram, tag @Pepaandcompany, #belgraviainbloom and #pepainbloom to make sure we see it.

We currently have one store in Belgravia London, UK but our store is also available online with worldwide shipping. You can follow us on Instagram to see tasty snippets of our store, and for all the latest stock news.

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