Change your children's room decor

Change your children's room decor

Any room in your house should tell a story about your life and reflect the values of your family, yet still show personality and have it's own design style. So does the children room.

Children spend a lot of time in their bedroom - using it for sleeping, playing and working. It needs to be a space where they feel the best, where there are colours & shapes they love and a vibe they connect with.


What's another thing children love? Change.

That also applies to their room decor. Children love to switch up the wallpapers, move the furniture and change the feeling of the room. Change is something you shouldn't shy away from. Moving around furniture, adding new items and colours to a room will keep your home alive. And what better time it is to do so, than the time when seasons are changing..


How to bring change to your children room, while keeping the child happy, but also keeping the sense of design that's used in the rest of the house...

  1. Listen to your child. Start with an inspiration board, trying to get the vibe and style your children wants to establish in the room. Sit down with your children, cut and glue pieces from home decor magazines, paint colours and draw shapes your child would love to see in the room. Creating vision boards is not only extremely fun, but also helps you to bond with your child and get to know her/him better!


  1. Start matching the vision with what's possible. See from the inspirational board what could be worked with. From there start searching for colours, materials and products that match your goal, but at the same time have the same sense of design than the rest of your house.
  2. Be smart with the investments. Changing the room doesn't mean you have to spend a fortune on new products and colours. It's smart to use what you already have. Move around the furniture, change up only one wall, add personal touch to old furniture, for example paint the shelves into different colour. Be creative and let your child be creative as well!


Tips to make the styling of your children room easier!

  • With children room it's smart to bare in mind that they will grow up. So go for a style that they can grow into instead of out of
  • One of the key elements is storage! Besides being a great way to prevent all the toys being on display, it is a nice way to play around with different styles. Combining baskets with crates can create a playful effect.


  • Not everything has to be brand new, shop around in your own house, look for pieces that are not in use and refurnish them into something new and fun!
  • Use a collage photo wall to switch up the room's look. Frame up some photos, patterns and illustrations, creating a collage wall. Change the photos inside the frames whenever you or your child gets bored of them and wants to see a new look!


  • Canopies! Children love canopies and it's such an easy way how to bring more cosiness and personality to a room. It is also easy to create a little getaway corner for your little one with canopy and loads of pillows.



Don't forget to send us pictures and your ideas that you have applied to your children rooms! We would love to see them


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