Gifts for expectant parents: our favourite gift ideas for newborns and babies

Gifts for expectant parents: our favourite gift ideas for newborns and babies

The arrival of a new baby creates excitement for everybody involved! Prepping for their arrival is important, from baby-proofing the home to stock-piling on the nappies. However, in the midst of the prepping, we can all agree that the gift aspect of a newborn baby is one of the more fun elements!

Whether you’re expecting your first child or wanting to find the perfect gift to give a family member or friend. Our beautifully curated gift sets are carefully chosen with newborns in mind. If you are gifting a loved one, all our items can be gift wrapped. For an extra special touch, you can even add a personalised note. Spoil a new member of the family with our luxurious gift house. Here are some of our favourite gift ideas for newborns and babies:

For the practical parent

Our Essential ABC Handsmocked 3 Piece Gift Set is carefully chosen for your little one's arrival and consists of all the practical items you need for a baby’s arrival, including a bodysuit, bib, bonnet, booties and blanket – everything you could possibly need for a baby’s hospital bag! All the items are made from the softest Pima cotton, making them perfect for sensitive skin. With traditional embroidery in either blue, pink or beige, stitched onto each one – it’s the perfect gift.

For the traditional parent

Our beautifully crafted memory case is the perfect way to cherish and share a lifetime of precious memories. It’s the perfect gift for a loved one and something that will be treasured in years to come. Perfectly designed to include pockets and a removable tray to reveal further storage underneath. Available in navy, grey and pink. We even allow you to personalise your memory case with a gorgeous luggage tag which can be gold embossed.

For the forgetful parent

Do you find yourself forgetting what day of the week it is? Let your little one remind you with our unique seven-piece white bodysuit set, which features the days of the week beautifully embroidered in various colours. Made from the softest 100% cotton, these newborn essentials are super soft perfect for sensitive skin.

For the lavish parent

Cashmere wool is the epitome of luxury when it comes to fabrics and which is why we launched our cashmere collection at Pepa & Co! Our cashmere all-in-one and knitted set would make the perfect gift if you’re looking to spoil a newborn. Not only is this material luxuriously soft, it’s also extremely fine, making it lightweight and breathable, and therefore perfect for babies and newborns.

For the classic parent

Our classic range of knitted gift sets include delicate wool and cotton trouser and jumper sets, soft cotton bodysuits and matching bonnets and blankets. All beautifully gift wrapped you can add a personalised note inside for that extra special touch.

Don’t forget about toys!

Teddy bears are often our first friends in life, and with the exception of the loving arms of parents, are where our little ones turn for comfort and a cuddle when we need one. It’s not surprising then that they are often given to newborn babies as a first toy and keepsake to remind us of our childhood once we grow up.

Babies love to touch and feel new textures, particularly with their mouths and soft toys can provide the perfect mix for developing sensory skills and encouraging social and emotional growth. Even at such a young age, infants begin to grasp the different colours, sizes and textures of the world around them and soft toys are a perfect way for them to do so.

Our ‘My First Bunny’ makes the perfect newborn gift. Whether given at a baby shower or straight after the baby's birth we know it will bring a smile to the little one's face. The box is beautifully decorated with sweet designs. Open the flap and along with the teeny plush bunny you'll find an area to record the most cherished information about your baby.

We offer a classic selection of traditional style toys, from stuffed animals that will happily accompany your little one's new world adventures, to comforters that will offer cuddles throughout the night - all made safe for your newborns. You can shop them here.

If you need any help with selecting a gift, please get in touch with our customer service team by emailing or messaging us on our social channels.

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