Luxury Curated Looks, Made for Them.

Luxury Curated Looks, Made for Them.

Luxury Curated Looks, Made for Them.

When it comes to dressing your little one, it can be a bit of a minefield. It can be a battle of what they want to wear vs what you want them to wear. It can be a creative clash of them pairing wellington boots with a luxury hand smocked dress or layers upon layers upon layers. While we know that dressing your child could be considered a competitive sport, we also want to ensure that there is joy in outfit building.

For us, we know how certain design choices, outfit picks or favourite garments can cement precious memories into your child. We know that clothes can tell the tale of happiness and can transport you to a happy and cherished time. Which is why we want to make outfit building a fun, but easy activity that can bond you and your little one.

At Pepa London, we pride ourselves on our “curated” looks that can suit all occasions. From outdoor adventures to Summer Garden parties, we put together detailed looks that have been personally hand-picked and matched together with our talented design team in London. We call these our LOOKBOOKS.

The Lookbook | Behind the vision

Pepa London will be turning 10 years old this year and have seen such success and accomplishment over the years. Much of this is to be thanked by our curated lookbooks. Our goal was to make outfit building an easy, but importantly, memorable bonding experience between parent and child. We want to embed happy memories into each outfit your little one is dressed in and we love to see our children looking like children in traditional and luxury designs. The inspiration behind the lookbook was to give our children a look of timelessness and to appear “quintessentially” British.

When designing each collection, our Lookbook series are at the forefront of our minds. We know that outfitting for your little one is detailed from head-to-toe and we put together full looks with all this in mind. Using trend forecasting, luxury fabrics, bespoke patterns and complementing garments, our Lookbooks come to life to create a full outfit for your child to love.

The Pepa Look | Our Vision

We love to see our children looking like children. We love to see traditional outfitting, that have stood the test of the time and differentiates between adults and children. At Pepa London, we offer unique but timeless silhouettes, details, patterns and prints that are designed to keep within families. We believe in slow fashion with pieces that can be loved and cherished by one child and can be passed through generations. We love seeing your #littlepepas in our distinctive pieces over the years and it has become special memories for us as much as it is for our little people!

Enjoy our specifically curated looks to make outfit building fun, easy and special.


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