Luxury Mother's Day Gift Ideas for 2021

Luxury Mother's Day Gift Ideas for 2021 - PEPA AND CO

Mother’s Day is almost upon us in the US (on 9th May if you are yet to set a reminder), but there’s still plenty of time to treat your mum to a gorgeous gift if you haven't already. We know many of you won’t be able to celebrate with your mum in person this year, but you’ll still want to show her you love her. Now more than ever.

Luckily, there are so many options out there that can easily be purchased from the comfort of your home no matter what your mum enjoys. These Mother’s Day gift ideas serve to show her that she’s worth splurging on so shower her with love, affection and a little well-deserved luxury. Here’s just a few of our favourite gift ideas:


Is your wife, family member or friend expecting? Mother’s Day gifts can be purchased for anybody that is expecting! The best are those that can be enjoyed now, before the little one arrives and the baby-stage is in full swing!

The general consensus amongst the mums-to-be is that anything which will make them feel pampered during their pregnancy occupied the top of their wishlist. Pregnancy can be tiring, so they deserve to be pampered. How about a luxurious bath robe, award-winning skincare from Aurelia London or some Olivia Von Halle silk pyjamas? That’ll will let them have some well-deserved me time before the little one comes along. (If you do want to get something for their new arrival too, we recommend something practical & beautiful from DockATot)


A mother’s first mother’s day is extra special – the gift can either be gifted as though from baby or from a loved one who appreciates all that has gone into the early days of parenthood. Either way, as it’s going to be their first present as a mother, any gift will be a special experience and one that will be remembered forever.

A luxurious duvet to upgrade their bedroom so that every ounce of sleep is as restorative as possible, a photo frame to place next to your bedside filled with a photo of mother and baby, or if in doubt, a classic Fortnum & Mason hamper is everything a mother could wish for!


Who doesn’t love flowers? They’re the perfect gift for every occasion and something that can easily be delivered through anyone’s letterbox. Research by Bloom & Wild has proven that the act of arranging flowers leads to a lowered heart rate whilst also boosting productivity, creativity and feelings of calmness. And with 100% of people said they felt happier with a bunch of flowers in their space – we should be sending flowers more often.

There's an increasing number of flower delivery services in the UK now offering next-day, contact-free delivery which is a lifesaver during the current times so find the perfect service for you and send a simple gift of love for that special mother in your life.


Is your mum always the style icon of the family? Does she always turn up to family occasions dressed as if it was a catwalk? Or is she just the epitome of elegance at all times? If you answered yes to even at least one of those, then make her mother’s day present as stylish as she is.

Unless you’re closely tuned to her style, clothing can always come with risks which is why a timeless accessory such as a bracelet from Jessica McCormack or Cartier watch would be a crowd-pleasing item. If clothing is their love, consider a beautiful spring dress from Love Shack Fancy or footwear from Penelope Chilvers - timeless classics for all occasions.


If your mother loves to cook or even bake, then it’s possible they already have all the appliances that they need. So how about some beautiful tableware for them to serve their tasty creations on? Brands such as Alice Peto and Wedgwood design and produce fine English tableware that brings beauty, theatre and joyfulness to everyday living and special occasions alike. They’re quintessentially British just like Pepa & Co!


If your mother can be hard to please sometimes, keep it stylish and simple can be the best option. A classic Italian leather tote bag from Meli Melo is a gift that all mothers will appreciate, and a quality item that will stand the test of time and remind them of you every time they place it on their shoulder.

Do they already have a bag that they cherish? Then how about a charming Liberty silk scarf that they can use to accessorise and bring new life into their bag. Go for something bold that reflects their personality!


All mothers deserve to be spoiled but no matter what gift you decide to get this year, your mother will be eternally grateful. In addition to any gift that give, ensure you facetime or call to as your time or company is what every parent loves!

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